6. Final Event/Conference Kenya

5. Job Shadowing Senegal
March 18, 2017

6. Final Event/Conference Kenya

The Final Event in Kenya was held in the period 4-11 July, 2017 and comprised:

– Visit to MYSA and NEEMA Community Based Organisation. The 24 delegates of the 12 Countries involved in the project had the occasion to test the ETS/ITS methodology produced during 2 years of work.

– On 2017, July 8th, from 10 AM in Nairobi, MVNGO and Consortium partners presented the results of ITS during the final Conference of the Project.


The overall ITS project comprised activities in Senegal, Kenya, Peru, Argentina and Italy: TC, Seminars and Job Shadowings.

Moreover, the project intended to foster Sport as a tool of inclusion, to solve interpersonal conflicts among youngsters, to promote tolerance and to assist young people to understand issues of diversity via non formal education.

The ITS intellectual outputs are a Format TC, a Toolkit of ITS Best Practices and the ITS Website.


ITS Project

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